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Greetings ~

Finding the Good is about to launch! After years in preparation, FINDING THE GOOD Traveling Semester Program begins on Sunday, January 31st. To say we are excited is an understatement. To say we are 100% ready is a lie. We figure, 98% is enough, with high doses of enthusiasm, gratitude, commitment and awe to make up that last 2%.

Last December, we asked everyone we knew for help to get us started. The response was fantastic; we met our challenge grant; went from two students to six in a matter of a few weeks; and are now on the eve of our first semester ever. It’s hard to believe.

Today my sister Marylu sent me a link [www.racetonowhere.com] to a new documentary, titled Race to Nowhere: the Dark Side of America’s Achievement Culture. Featuring “the heartbreaking stories of young people who have been pushed to the brink, parents who are trying to do what’s best for their kids, and educators who are burned out and worried students aren’t developing the skills needed for the global economy, Race to Nowhere points to the silent epidemic running rampant in our schools.” This documentary is out at the exact time that Synergia is offering a different way to learn that is relevant, engaging, meaningful and with purpose. Something tells me the time has come.

We have six brilliant students, and four equally brilliant young staff members. In blogs to come soon, you will meet them all, get to know them through words and pictures: articles, essays, photos, podcasts, video clips and more. They can’t wait to share the world with you. We can’t wait for you to see the world through their eyes. Eyes not peering through prison bars, but eyes wide open to all the world has to offer – light and dark, beautiful and ugly, but mostly GOOD.

I hope you join us on this journey. This is about education, and about meeting young people today in the place and the way they most need to be met. Welcome.

Debra Weistar – Director

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