Dear Need to Pee,

It’s nice to be hearing from you so often as of late – your familiar face brings consistency on such an arduous adventure.  And even though you have been arriving at seemingly inopportune times, you manage to create a window for appreciating nature’s sweet bounty.  Need, this morning was a grand and spectacular surprise as you framed the orange footprint of the ocean tide, and made mountains glow like warm sugar.   Forgive me if I am not always appreciative of your forethought, particularly how you align your patterns to fulfill my brain’s primal desire to feel the power of whipping winds.  So take my gratitude now, and stash it while my brain is in a healthy space.

In slumber,

In swim,

In solitude,

By: Kristen Houser

2 responses to “A LETTER

  1. So perfect! So human! So common!

  2. Its for the whole program. All the kids as well as the staff post blogs throughout our adventures. :)

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