Banjos Strumming at Midnight

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Banjos Strumming At Midnight

We all wear the same color

As we hustle and bustle about

The clouds are elaborate in our minds

The task at hand is clear

That much is certain




Computer… Typing!



Just be a robot… yes just like that

What comes into our peripheral when we hustle?

Something to break our ground

Everything shatters around us when it happens

None of us expected it, thank god for random occurrence

The food was finished

Set out for consumption

The epitome of perfect timing!

Rufus swooped down on our congregation with a curious eye

Well two actually

Hustle bustle, hustle bustle

Rufus yells stop in the calm way that he does

He’s so great at that

Listen up! Listen up! He yells

I’m here! My name is Rufus and I won’t come again

Take advantage of such a clear profile

Such a close perspective

Ok, you guys seem nice enough

Maybe I’ll come a little closer

Maybe a little closer

I love your little jokes

Your petty expressions

Your countenance entertains me

By the way, I can smell your food

You succeeded Rufus

We all slowed down

Were watching you now

Everything else is mute

You’ve captured our attention in a jar

All we can wonder now is whether or not your hurt

I’m not hurt! I’m curious!

By golly, You aliens are so ugly

Get back to your things

I know your important people

With important cameras and such

Remember me though

Off Rufus flies into the great blue

Such a majestic creature

For once we are slow

For once we are breathing

Don’t stop now

We love you Rufus

By: Alex Depavloff

2 responses to “Banjos Strumming at Midnight

  1. Wow! This poem rocks!

  2. Autumn Harris

    This poem is absolutely beautiful. I cannot read it enough

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