I miss it so much even though I’ve only done it a couple of times before. I miss the way your arms feel on fire and the shortness of breath as you hang on for dear life even though you know that your belay will catch you if you trust them enough to believe in them. Today I did not climb with ropes or belay or even up, rather I climbed sideways (bouldering) on the tidal rocks just down the beach from our camp. Even though it didn’t give me the adrenaline of being 30-feet off the ground it still felt good all the same. I put rock-climbing way higher on my life list and today I realized that I really need to stick to that. Not only is it insanely fun and exciting, but I feel good at it and think I could go a long way with it.

Rough rock

strange looking bumps

great holds

not up but sideways its all the same

stretch reach for it

got it good don’t slip

hold on tight

just for pretend

nothing really at stake

just some good old fashion fun

test your skill

no matter the size of the rock

climb in any direction

get back to it

don’t stop

stay in accordance with the life list

let the list guide your life

By: Genesis Napel

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