Day 18 in Baja California

As we travel the Baja California Peninsula we search for the Good and for the rhythms by which to set our daily structure. This proves to be a challenge and a blessing. The wind is consistent, its kinetic energy mirrors our group, sometimes still and calm, at other times a gusting force to be reckoned with, and we have to take our tents down till it passes.  Some of the other constants we set our rhythms to are: the tides, especially when they rise to within a few feet of our camp at the edge of the lagoon; and the endearing warmth and friendliness of the local people. New friends and experiences come to us with such inconsistent regularity that we are starting to count on it. For example yesterday just as we finished our morning meeting, and we set the students out on their projects, two truck loads of local fishermen pulled up with their catch of giant squid. They wanted to know if we had a compressor to fill their tires, the truck was overloaded with the heavy catch. As a gesture of appreciation for the compressor, they thrust three giant squid into Alex’s waiting hands. He struggled to keep the four-foot tentacles from dragging on the ground. Even as I write this I am interrupted by a couple of carloads of Mexican families coming out to visit us at our beach camp. And so it goes here, we learn about the local economy and how to make Calamari Ceviche, we are thrust into cultural immersion, speaking Spanish, new friendships and new culinary experiences. The only experience so far that I hope doesn’t take on rhythm status is the breaking of leaf springs on our trailer, three times so far… and yes, I am counting.

By: Tom Weistar

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