I Love Everything About Mexico

I love everything about Mexico. The people are all so nice and generous, offering you whatever they have. You could walk up to any random person on the street and start a conversation. All you have to do is have enough courage to test your Spanish skills. Today a group of kids from the local town came out to our camp to hang out with us for the day. We all started out a bit awkward till one of us decided to break the ice and start a simple conversation, consisting of ‘como te llamas’ and ‘de donde eres’. Before you know it we were all boogie boarding and having a jolly good time. Later in the day we all opened up and began to have more regular conversations with each other. We shared lunch, played futbol and talked some more. The key to cross cultural communication is to just give it your best shot. Because practice makes perfect. All in all today was a really good day. I love Mexico.

By: Genesis Napel

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