Just like life

Alex with Stack of TortillasJust like life mathematics is not meant to be an uphill struggle.  Just like life it must be taken one operation, one step at a time.  And done neatly.  Just like life, if one step is missed, or if one tries to work too fast, getting sloppy or making a mess, inevitably, the desired outcome will not come about.  One step must be completed thoroughly before the next is taken.  And each step takes full attention for completion.  So… to be successful in math, and in life, take it one concentrated step at a time.  Give it your unDivided attention.  And leave the next step for another moment.  Until then, it is only a distraction from what must now be done.
By: Jon Manrow

One response to “Just like life

  1. Dear Jon,

    First, I’m curious if you’re still linked in with the Finding the Good blog and if you’ll even respond to this. Second, I’m a friend of Tom & Debby’s so I was just broswing the FTG web site to find out more about what had happened in the last year or two. Would love to hear what prompted you to write the tiny entry on March 10, 2010 — about math being just like life.

    Curiously yours from the far off land of Turkey,
    :) Robin

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