March 8, 2010

8 AM. The students are out field journaling. All but Forest, who is loping up the beach towards us, a little faster than usual. He hones in on the snorkeling gear and while choosing a mask and snorkel tells us that there is a school of dolphins about 30 feet off shore. He lopes off again a little faster than he came. We follow him through the binoculars. Andrew sites the dolphins – about eight of them, active and moving in what appears to be a circular pattern. We presume they are feeding.  A few moments later we spot Forest, in the water near the dolphins, but they have moved farther away from shore and it doesn’t look like he will catch up to them. Later, when Alex hears the story, he asks why the dolphins didn’t just swim with Forest.

“It’s like this, Alex,” Andrew offers, “You haven’t had breakfast, and your eggs are running down the street away from you. You start to run after them, and just at that moment, Deb says, “Hey, Alex, can we have a little chat now?” And there are your eggs, getting further and further away every second. What would you do, go talk to Deb or go after your eggs?”

By: Debra Weistar

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