My Day in Mehico

Today I witnessed a vast cultural difference between Americans and Mexicans. Finding the Good had the privilege to meet with a large group of kids that were close to our age. After getting to know them for a little while I proposed that we do some interviews as a part of the media piece I’ve been working on. I worked up a list of questions to ask the kids, such as “What are you passionate about?” and “What is a major concern for you in the world today?” When we sat down for the interview I was geared to grill these kids and find out a Mexican’s perspective was on all the different issues that I myself find very important. The answers that came out really surprised me. Most of the kids just said: “I don’t know”. Over and over I got this response and I wondered if these kids just didn’t think outside of their area and their lives. I talked to some of the staff about it later on and they thought that most of these kids were brought up in a culture that doesn’t really support that kind of expression. They live their lives with concern for the present and what’s going on around them. Their minds don’t think about glaciers falling into the ocean or mass extinctions in Japan.  Plus they are not exposed to nearly the same amount of mass media that we are in the U.S. It was an interesting observation and I hope I can learn more about why this goes on.

By: Alex Depavloff

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