Sleep? 3/8/10

So this trip has been interesting so far. I’m in another country, eating good food and working . . . or relaxing in interesting ways. I’m not in school, I’m travelling, and the ocean hasn’t been out of sight for more than a day. But the sleep out here sucks! At first it was bearable, maybe a little condensation in the tarp tent. But the further south we go, the more condensation there is in the air. That in itself didn’t wake me too often and I figured that waking to a wet sleeping bag would be the worst of it. I’m not terribly bright. A few days at Laguna Ojo de Liebre introduced me to tarp tents and wind. Obviously being near the ocean there would be wind, but this wind at points threatened to break the tent poles, not to mention the rest of the tent catching the gusts like sails. So that was it, maybe a wet sleeping bag and the noisiest tent I’ve ever slept in. Not quite. I wake anywhere from two to five times a night. I live. Then, as the trip continues add coyotes howling, even faster winds, monstrous snoring, people getting up to piss and worst of all, almost getting pissed on, and you’ve got hours of missed sleep. Not to mention the one instance of sprinklers going off in the middle of the night and the other of getting rained on. All of this plus travelling for hours in a van that feels like a sardine can, I may feel the stress building a bit. Maybe the missed sleep is why small things are starting to bother me. Maybe it added to my mental breakdown. Or maybe this is just sleep on the road and I’m losing my mind.

By: Nick Lee

2 responses to “Sleep? 3/8/10

  1. Coyotes, winds, sleep deprivation… have you found your head again?

  2. I vote on the losing your mind part. It isn’t that uncommon g\for someone like you. Well, it’s good to see you’re as pissy as ever, in a way. I’m waiting for you to get back for Spring break!!!

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