Soul Medicine

After the meeting this morning my mind seemed to be rather chaotic. I was frustrated because I didn’t see the point in adding assignments to our workload simply so that we may have evidence of our academic and personal progress rather than providing us with time to complete the work that is already being neglected. I still feel that this is not the best solution, but as it stands, I have asked for the serenity to walk with a graceful stride rather than fight the desires of the powers that be, and I find that it is useful for me to dance to the cumbersome drum rather than attempt to compose my own song. Even in my frustration, my love for this country and the solitude it provides has only grown as I repeatedly remember that the ocean brings peace to all things; as always, it has taken away my sorrows.  The sweet rhythm of the waves rolling through me and falling on the shore always seems to remind me of the song beyond us all. One can never move without the currents because no part may be more than itself, and the whole may never be more than its parts. All we can do is dance.

By: Forest Neff

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