That Was Something 3/9/10

Just as we gathered to go over what lunch would be today, someone directed our attention to a pelican that had decided to land a few feet away. I don’t remember who, but someone suggested I grab the camera, so I did. I sat taking pictures of the curious visitor for a while as the others looked at it, equally intrigued. After maybe ten minutes, it flew off. I thought this instance peculiar, but nothing more as I went off to eat lunch. After the food had disappeared and the clean up done, I stood around thinking of what to do, when our friend decided to pay one more visit. I once more grabbed the camera and took more photos. This time, maybe because there were fewer people out, it came within a few feet of me. I was distracted to say the least, and the exposure on some of the photos may have suffered for it. As I sat in the sand contemplating the shots, I looked up and was caught by the bird’s dark brown eye (I say eye, singular, because its head was turned). I then began to contemplate myself as well as the bird. The thought arose, in my mind, of why the bird would come so close to people and how curious it looked just staring. Then I thought how curious I must have looked using a machine, trying to capture a split second of light refraction to be later used in a parallel world that we created (AKA the net). I can’t say I had any connection with the creature, but it did remind me of a recurring theme throughout this trip. To use a metaphor, the world is like a mirror; by looking at and examining it you can begin to see yourself.

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  1. It is interesting how metaphors show up… Mirrors are significant too. Can’t wait to see your photos….

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