The Home Depot Complex

Shari's House in San RoqueLiving in the United States

I forget the luxury

Of constant access to whatever resource I might want or need

Travelling down the Baja peninsula

Ingenuity to fill these wants and needs becomes a theme

A job as simple as painting a house for a good friend of Finding the Good

Becomes something like a puzzle

Requiring all sorts of random objects

To occupy the holes

That Home Depot will not be filling

It’s a good thing Tom is here

With his help

Part of a lobster trap becomes a paint bucket screen

A sponge, zip tie, and putty knife turn into a paintbrush

An old leaf spring member doubles as a paint scraper

And a mangled piece of cardboard is apparently the only thing we need for masking

Learning to adapt things to fit one’s needs is a skill

And Baja is a perfect practice ground

All one has to do

Is open the mind to altering the use of available objects to fit the present task

By: Jon Manrow

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