The Ocean’s Story


I write, I write, I write.

My soul hits the page with a crash

The wave falls upon the sand

Searching for some culmination

Some purpose

Some truth

But oh!

Again it brings more seashells to the shore

Again it steals away the sands of time

No end

No meaning.

No truth.


I say it

I want it

I wish I knew.

I hear it.

The ocean

The flapping in the wind

The voices of my family.

But they are pieces!

One by one they come to me.


Listen for the song

Perhaps, it is not so much

Perhaps the shells will come

That a wandering eye may know

Their path is true

And thank the song for that simple gift

Perhaps the waves will fall.



Only so that the sands may change

What else may be?

The end is always in the beginning

So for now, I write.


Like a dance

We walk along

The passageways of time

Like a song

We listen to

The music of the world

Like a drum

The waves fall down

Upon the golden sand

Like a child

I sit in awe

Before the endless song

There is no self

No mind,

No meaning to it all

It simply is

We move within

To weave the tapestry

Of nature’s song

The melodies

And harmonies it holds

We walk along.

By: Forest Neff

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