The Sun Also Rises

Sunday 7 March 2010

Last night was a rough one for sleep. Though we were expecting them, the wild winds, dust, and rain that charged through our flapping tarp tents a bit past 3:30am turned our temporary homes into pirate ships at sea. Woke up with a longing for sleep and perhaps a real bed to do it in.

However, the weather cleared around 10:00am, just as my mind began to wake up to the new day here on the beach in San Roque. Once again, as with so many times before on this Baja adventure, I witnessed the ragged edges of a difficult experience give way to a sparkling ocean-blue day with the ease and grace of the rising sun. This pattern repeats itself often when living life on the road and on the go, testing our wits, our resilience, and our sense of humor.

By: Megan Putnam

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