Untitled 3/7/10

So, once more not hesitating has helped me. The cleanup after lunch had just ended and I was sitting around. The others were doing various activities while I just sat. A bird atop a large pole caught my attention but I thought it was just another seagull. I looked it over a few times, then got up and asked for a camera. It was an osprey. Tom set me up with the 10D and a telephoto lens and I got as close to the bird as I could before it verbally advised otherwise. After I got a few pictures, I was ready to quit but Deb suggested I ask Annabelle for help. I found my newest mentor and after a quick instruction, ran off to use what I’d just learned. I figured that there had to be more birds in the area (a note: birds are the subjects of my photography). I was able to snap some pictures of small birds and a passing raven. The important part of all this is that it calmed me down. Although today has been one of the least stressful so far, taking pictures really helped. I was able to ignore all thoughts of whatever may have been bothering me and just focus on what I was doing. I almost felt like I’d found a zen state.

By: Nick Lee

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  1. Zen…..? *twitches* Well, I guess you’ve had to learn something out there. I think you’d make a good photographer. You’d better not have had any life-changing experiences! I want the same grumpy Nick when you get back! Pictures of birds or no, I’ll be happy enough to see you as long as you aren’t a vegetarian. >_> No offense Tom and Debra, it just ain’t my thing.

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