Work Those Perspective Muscles

Monday 8 March 2010

The Pacific blue is curving away from me as I sit perched on a rocky, little-used road above a wild valley near San Roque. Perspective is the key here… the ocean looks small, I see no other people, this single-track truck path gives the impression of human civilization out in the hilly desert. Each of these observations could be negated with a bit of a stroll and more critical process of thought.

When we enter into a new place – geographic location, city, culture, mental space – it is easy to jump in with pre-notions of what is or even what should be. In beginning to unravel what we “know” about the world, replacing assumptions with questions, curiosity, and a little experience, it is common to feel a bit off-balance. You might call it homesickness. Or straight up confusion. Thankfully, the more frequently we risk challenging our perspectives the easier it becomes to see a bigger picture that is more diverse and colorful than our eyes could see before. This Baja adventure is a daily challenge – series of challenges, really – from eating to sleeping to thinking about how we think and learn. It is difficult and worth every minute.

By: Megan Putnam

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