Red, Green, Gold

My legs are cramping, my palms are sweating. The rage is pumping through my brain. I look around, my compatriots surround me. My friends, the ones I love, and they love me the same. This is the one point where we change sides. Did he take more than me?! Is there still enough for seconds?! When is the next meal going to be?! Food stress is such a mystery. When you find yourself in a scarce environment you start living like an animal. When mealtime comes, you stock up on food like the next meal won’t come for weeks. I’ll be sitting down during a meal with a large plate of food, plenty enough food for one person, and all I can think is if there will be enough for me to have another serving. It’s part of the primal brain humans still retain. It makes you feel like an animal, like you have no civilized intelligence. And it brings about hunger that one has never experienced. It’s a deep hole that can never be filled. The hardest part of it all is bringing your mind back to earth and asking if you really do need that extra food. I think we can all agree that you don’t. But for now we will dancing around like monkeys waiting for the next meal. And when it comes we will eat like lions. After we’ve filled our tummys with much too much to eat, well then we will sleep like hippos.

By: Alex Depavloff

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