When Phrases Attack

It isn’t in the nature of life to give you what you want, but to give you what you need and the freedom to do what you want with it.

As with any stray thought from my head, this one came at a peculiar moment- sitting on the beach making a necklace with a fellow student. It was just a phrase my mind seemed to make up, but I didn’t feel like brushing it off in the same quick manner with which is appeared. Letting it circle in my consciousness for a while I managed to form some conclusions. The earth does provide you with what you need to survive, but because of the way our society has developed we don’t want what we need- we just want. That want strips out freedoms because we can no longer see what we need, or act on much of anything else but our desires, narrowing our vision from the rest of the world. We seem to be shackled to a way of life which is not only harming the earth with our constant taking, but also keeping us as a species from becoming part of nature’s cycle. For example, we strip down the earth and take apart what it has offered in order to build a factory to produce what we want, in the process we disrupt everything in an area which was receiving what it needed from the land. If humans could take just what they needed from the land and not destroy to create all they desire we could come to a sustainable existence. With the way things have degraded in this day in age, with our populations, that is highly unlikely to work even if everyone suddenly figures out how to live off the land. In order to keep our numbers alive it is likely we would have to change the earth in order to get what we needed to survive. What if we didn’t? What if the area that could give and take naturally with the land simply allowed it to keep them alive and sustained? When animals loose something in one area they move on to where the resources are, but humans go to where there are practically no resources and bring what they want to them. If there was a huge drop in population due to unsustainable areas being killed off, and the rest of the world finally looked at, understood and became a part of nature’s cycle, we could come to a sustainable existence.

By Natasha Alston

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