Super Bowl Experience

Recently we interviewed Sarito Whatley on his living situation.  Sarito lives in Nevada City co-housing where everyone is a part of the co-housing community. There are thirty-four families living on five acres of land in adjacent houses. Sarito seemed very happy with his community and his neighbors. We met the neighbors when we went to the Common House to watch the Super Bowl.  The Super Bowl was my real motivation in going to co-housing to interview Sarito.  This was probably the last chance I would have to watch a sporting event for several months as I began my time with FtG. When I was one year old the very first word out of my mouth was “ball”.  As a young boy all I ever wanted to be was a professional athlete; I always had a ball in my hand.  As I grew older I realized the chances of becoming good enough to go pro was a very daunting task. A severe knee injury sustained during a basketball game sealed my fate and sidelined me for good. This did open the door for sports announcing though, as I explored my potential as a public speaker.  I began announcing basketball games for my high school, which allowed me to call upon my vast knowledge of sports and still be part of the game.

1.5 million TV sets were sold in the week leading up to the Super Bowl, paving the path for 7.5 million Super Bowl parties. Over one BILLION people watched Super Bowl XLII  worldwide and only 140 million of those are American as opposed to only the 106 million people that went out to celebrate New Years Eve. The vast audience for this Super Bowl, me included, were not disappointed with this edition of the Super Bowl legacy.  The matchup was between two of the league’s most accomplished franchises: the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburg Steelers.  The game started a bit one sided and by the end of the first half the Packers had racked up a 21-3 lead.  But after a miserable halftime show by the Black Eyed Peas the Steelers were ready to bite back.  Ben Roethlisberger dissected the Packers secondary and Rashard Mendenhall bounced off every defender in his path, but it still wasn’t enough to stop Aaron Rodgers and company as the injury riddled Packers rolled to win their fourth Super Bowl title.

Tyler and I were really the only ones who watched the whole game. The girls went off to play in town as they had little interest in watching fat sweaty men tackle each other in pursuit of air wrapped in cowhide.  But every time the coin flips and the uniformed players run at each other, I am taken back to a time when sports was all that mattered, and players played because of their love of a game that carried me through an otherwise turbulent and chaotic childhood.

By Forrest Blair Photo: Annabelle

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  1. You are so amazing to me and in your flowering I am inspired and moved. Thank you for being my child. I love you more than this this life. Thank you for sharing your writings.

  2. Very well written young man, very well written. I am proud of y0u. Just keep the ball of life bouncing. That is the greatest game. All is well.

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