A flood of emotion is raking through me. The rage comes out as tears. The fear of being lied to comes out as tears. My future comes out as tears. Love, thoughts, freedom, and understanding all come out as tears. I can taste the salt. I can taste the anger of those who have been silenced before me. A huge weight has been laid upon my shoulders. I can feel myself breaking. I feel the pain of those who came before me and I feel the pain of our future. There is so much bad, that sometimes I forget about the good. Yes we have been silenced; yes we have been broken. Our wills have been strangled, the last breaths gone; our hearts, our power, our Earth have been diminished to something so insignificant, that we have forgotten what it feels like to love; what it feels like to be powerful, in our sexuality, our minds, our beauty, our thoughts, our actions and ourselves. We don’t remember who our Mother Earth is. We have forgotten that she is the reason that we are. We have raped her, beaten her, and abandoned her.

There are the few who can see with unveiled eyes and understand what is happening. They are starting to make a stand and others are joining hands with them. Others who have been waiting for a strong leader who can help guide them in the ways they know so badly need to be followed. The protectors of the land are starting to emerge with a louder voice than they have ever had before. They are saying “ENOUGH”! What are you doing to your home! Your mother! You can see that she is dying and you are turning your back! What about your children! Open your eyes!


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  1. Sandra Edwards

    Well that piece drew out my tears. Beautifully written Shona…so much passion, feeling, and sensitivity. Gaia is grateful for your love, compassion, and strength, as I am also. My heart is ignited and inspired by witnessing you living your brilliance!

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