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Students Reflect on Shelter

What is shelter? The first thing that comes to mind is protection, not only from the elements but also from other people and their actions. It is not just a roof to live under but a sanctuary as well.


The moment you find that perfect place where you feel at home, it’s amazing when you can take what’s around you and build your own sanctuary. Meeting people who have built their homes gives me hope for the future of our planet and inspires me. Yet I can’t help but feel for the land where we decide to build our shelter. It is important to remember the natural world and take its feelings into consideration. If you live in a natural environment where the plant life has been nurtured and the trees are flourishing you can feel it, and it adds to that sense of sanctuary.


Houses reflect the people living inside them and others can sense that. It’s very noticeable when you walk into a person’s house and see that the owner doesn’t feel happy with it. There can be lots of negative vibes. On the other hand, if you walk into someone’s house that is the right size for them and they designed it, you can tell how happy they feel in it. But what really makes home, “home”? Is it all the nice things inside or is it the people you share it with?

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