About Finding the Good

Finding the Good is a multi-faceted 16-week traveling semester program dedicated to the research, study, documentation, and sharing of working models of sustainability. Our program is open to high school juniors and seniors looking to take a semester of study away from their traditional schools, as well as to students taking a gap year after high school graduation.

We are based in the Sierra foothills approximately 20 miles from Nevada City, California. At Finding the Good, we live closely with the land and learn daily by working hands-on in and with our surroundings. Here, you will not only learn the concepts behind a more simple, sustainable existence; you will grow to understand how those concepts work by cultivating and preparing food for our community, by researching and installing alternative energy sources, by designing green buildings to house yourself and your belongings, and by building and maintaining all of the interpersonal relationships that make our community function. Living and learning become one and the same.

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