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The Home Depot Complex

Shari's House in San RoqueLiving in the United States

I forget the luxury

Of constant access to whatever resource I might want or need

Travelling down the Baja peninsula

Ingenuity to fill these wants and needs becomes a theme

A job as simple as painting a house for a good friend of Finding the Good

Becomes something like a puzzle

Requiring all sorts of random objects

To occupy the holes

That Home Depot will not be filling

It’s a good thing Tom is here

With his help

Part of a lobster trap becomes a paint bucket screen

A sponge, zip tie, and putty knife turn into a paintbrush

An old leaf spring member doubles as a paint scraper

And a mangled piece of cardboard is apparently the only thing we need for masking

Learning to adapt things to fit one’s needs is a skill

And Baja is a perfect practice ground

All one has to do

Is open the mind to altering the use of available objects to fit the present task

By: Jon Manrow


Nighttime in San Roque sure is interesting.  After the sun sets the sounds of blasting wind, crashing waves, and miscellaneous animals occupy the soundscape.  All these things creep into my dreams, intermingling with the subjects and objects of my subconscious mind.  When in this place, lying in our tarp tent, immersed in these sounds, I have tremendous fun wondering if I am asleep, awake, or somewhere in between.  I would choose this sleeping space over most others, for all the interesting spice it adds to my sleeping, dreaming, waking life!

By: Jon Manrow

Just like life

Alex with Stack of TortillasJust like life mathematics is not meant to be an uphill struggle.  Just like life it must be taken one operation, one step at a time.  And done neatly.  Just like life, if one step is missed, or if one tries to work too fast, getting sloppy or making a mess, inevitably, the desired outcome will not come about.  One step must be completed thoroughly before the next is taken.  And each step takes full attention for completion.  So… to be successful in math, and in life, take it one concentrated step at a time.  Give it your unDivided attention.  And leave the next step for another moment.  Until then, it is only a distraction from what must now be done.
By: Jon Manrow