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Food Porn

Despite our wholesome meals and constant exposure to good ethnic food, what we eat back home is constantly pined for. One particularly in depth conversation on the matter came up one night during a meeting. The processed, fast food and chain supermarket products we so happily reminisce about are certainly not better than the organic and natural substances we receive on the trip. We still yearn for it, and someone pointed out it was like an addiction and as we fantasized about it so much and took so much pleasure in describing our favorite dishes it was like porn.

Food porn.

A new phrase which we jumped on with relish. What foods played what part? Several dishes came up during our talk. Obviously fast food was quite slutty, cheap, unsubstantial and selling itself to your base desires. The simple bean and rice dish was placed as tightly clad Victorian- hardly fitting in a sleazy industry. So what was above the fast food? Chocolate covered raspberries? If they were organic or not could change the whole deal, but their role was placed as a high class escort.

I got to wondering if all organic foods would be the sweet homey family oriented community, while fast food would be the major player in the industry. Who runs this industry and regulates the prostitution?


They raise up cheap useless mono-crops in order to sell its children into the mass market of mastication without giving them the proper tools to give nutrients. This cheap sell from big corporations is so appealing to people because it feeds their addiction to fat, salt and sugar. Our addiction explained.

Where did that train of thought leave our amusing conversation? Were we using a cheap dial-up connection to get access to an image that was part of a much larger site- one full of food thoughtlessly flaunting its deep fried and reheated contents? Were we supporting the prostitution of food, and paying the cooperate pimp?

Not quite, but we wanted to.

By Natasha Alston

When Phrases Attack

It isn’t in the nature of life to give you what you want, but to give you what you need and the freedom to do what you want with it.

As with any stray thought from my head, this one came at a peculiar moment- sitting on the beach making a necklace with a fellow student. It was just a phrase my mind seemed to make up, but I didn’t feel like brushing it off in the same quick manner with which is appeared. Letting it circle in my consciousness for a while I managed to form some conclusions. The earth does provide you with what you need to survive, but because of the way our society has developed we don’t want what we need- we just want. That want strips out freedoms because we can no longer see what we need, or act on much of anything else but our desires, narrowing our vision from the rest of the world. We seem to be shackled to a way of life which is not only harming the earth with our constant taking, but also keeping us as a species from becoming part of nature’s cycle. For example, we strip down the earth and take apart what it has offered in order to build a factory to produce what we want, in the process we disrupt everything in an area which was receiving what it needed from the land. If humans could take just what they needed from the land and not destroy to create all they desire we could come to a sustainable existence. With the way things have degraded in this day in age, with our populations, that is highly unlikely to work even if everyone suddenly figures out how to live off the land. In order to keep our numbers alive it is likely we would have to change the earth in order to get what we needed to survive. What if we didn’t? What if the area that could give and take naturally with the land simply allowed it to keep them alive and sustained? When animals loose something in one area they move on to where the resources are, but humans go to where there are practically no resources and bring what they want to them. If there was a huge drop in population due to unsustainable areas being killed off, and the rest of the world finally looked at, understood and became a part of nature’s cycle, we could come to a sustainable existence.

By Natasha Alston



I’m in the middle of class when suddenly my mind just goes

Out the window I see someone waving and I know

The correct answer is C but someone thinks that if

I put all the pencils in a row on my desk so I can

I please see your work, because

If you’re not going to eat that I will

Keep my eyes ahead, but sometimes

It’s hard to focus

By: Natasha Alston

Give It Your All


‘Give it your all’; ‘put you’re best effort in’. I don’t really know how many times I’ve heard that, or any variation thereof, but I know I’ve come to think little of the phrases, when pertaining to a generalized school workload, at any rate. My best efforts go into something I most enjoy and when told to put them to something from an educational standpoint my mind goes blank. What about school is interesting to me? Nothing, from what I can tell, which is why I find myself a great distance from home with a group of people working on how to teach without school. Even with that as my footing it is difficult to put in my whole one hundred and ten percent effort – how much of what I do here is just a benefit for an educational system rather than my learning?

Still, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do… but that’s what I’ve been doing. All the days in school, in a system, I do what I have to do because they expect it. Out here, when I’m away from that system I’m doing what I like to do because I want to, not because it’s what I’m supposed to.  So where’s my effort been going? Isn’t this interesting?

I had to sit back and prod my consciousness for a while to get an answer. Of course this is interesting – but I need that to come across as more than just spontaneous laughter when I realize I’m not locked in a tiny room with a bunch of people my own age. I’ve never really had to go out and pursue something from the outside world that was of great interest to me; most of my interests stem from my own mind and whatever peculiar menial tasks I find. Now, it seems, is the best time to interact with the world I walk around in.

So far, it’s damned fascinating.

By: Natasha Alston

Dirt In My Fingers


Being able to shape and create something with your hands is one of the most satisfying experiences I can think of. Taking multiple pieces of scrap and wire and turning it into a shape from my mind helped me revisit the feeling of self-satisfaction when creating art from simple materials. Within the whole trip the process really started when I learned to crochet and completed several small clothing projects with what I learned. Continuing on with building something of my own, the scrap metal sculpting has really helped keep me engaged and alive. The search for materials has also brought about an old feeling of joy, particularly when digging into the ground after an object and not knowing where it will lead. (In reference to a particular endeavor which lasted two hours and went about a foot deep.)

By: Natasha Alston