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What We Have Learned

What we have learned:

The first three weeks of the Finding the Good semester seem to have flown by, but in retrospect, it is hard to believe that we have only been together for less than a month. Living and traveling with eleven other people has been a powerful learning experience for all of us. As everybody gets to know each other we have all had to come to a better understanding of our own personalities as we relate to ourselves and as we relate to the group. Spending twenty-four hours a day with the same group of people has allowed us to share ourselves, our talents, and our experiences so that we might better understand one another.  As we sat in the van on the way down to Baja California several of us learned how to knit or crochet from our companions. In addition, those of us who have experience using the technical audio and video recording equipment have been sharing their knowledge so that we may all document our journey as professionally as possible.  All of our time together in the car has also brought about many discussions about the workings of the world from our individual perspectives. Sharing our talents and our ideas has helped to form bonds between us, but we have also had to develop a variety of processes and systems to organize and complete many of the tasks that are necessary in order to establish and maintain a rhythm for our lives together on the road. It is interesting how much we have learned without having to spend any time in formal classroom lesson settings. Traveling and working together we have had to discover the necessary knowledge for our individual processes rather than blindly tracing a pre-developed system.

By Forest Neff & Natasha Alston