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It’s hard to put into context the enormity of what we have been a part of, learned, and observed this past week in Salt Lake City. I could go into detail about any one part; from the potency of the wisdom the key note speakers shared with us during the weekend summit, to having lunch with Terry Tempest Williams yesterday, to what it’s like being in the courtroom, observing Tim’s trial. I have heard so many inspiring people speak and have gained an exponential amount of knowledge just in these past few days. There have been many many special moments that have struck me and left me with a lot to think about. One moment that I want to share, occurred on Monday morning during the Peaceful Uprising march through the streets of Salt Lake City. The weekend had passed and we were all ready to show our support for Tim as his trial was scheduled to start that morning. People gathered at a small park to rally and begin the march to the courthouse where we would spend the day standing in solidarity in support of Tim. As we marched through the streets I felt something that I have never felt before.


We were singing. The sun was warm and brilliant, shining over the snow covered mountains and the valley that contains the city. I was walking. We were all walking. Drums were being played. Our voices joined together. We were going to be heard. People were going to listen. The beat of the drums wrapped my body in one giant heartbeat. I shut my eyes. The potency and amount of love, joy and peacefulness held me. Carried me. Tears ran down my face, but I was not sad. The beauty of what we had created was overwhelming.


The days have been long and we have not been getting much sleep; mostly due to the fact that we are too excited to quiet our minds and rest. So whenever I feel defeated and like I just can’t go another minute, I think of what was going on in that moment during the march and how it had felt. I think of everything that moment represented and it gives me the inspiration to overcome the tiredness or the sadness. These past few days have given me so many incredible experiences and life lessons that will be with me forever.


-Shona Estey-Edwards

“Tim’s Trial” for Toddlers

“Tim’s Trial” for Toddlers: A Children’s Story or Forrest’s Report on the Trial in a Nutshell

Tim is on trial. Tim has good lawyers. The lawyers representing the U.S.A. are big. U.S.A. has Special Agent Love.  Tim is not allowed to speak about how the earth is getting hot.  Tim could go to jail for long time and we would be sad :(.  Tim could be proven not guilty and then we would be happy :).

We sang this song several times over the course of the trial in support of Tim and I could not get this song out of my head so I wanted to write it out…

Tim’s Theme Song


I will stand with you, will you stand with me

And we will be the change that we hope to see

In the name of love, in the name of peace

Will you stand, will you stand with me


When injustice raises up its fists

And tries to stop us in our tracks

We will rise and as one resist

No pain or sorrow will turn us back




When pain and hatred churn up angry noise

And try to shout down our freedom song

We will rise in one joyful voice

Loud and clear and ever strong




When broken hearts come knocking on our door

Lost and hungry and so alone

We will reach as we have reached before

For there is no stronger in this our home




In the name of love, in the name of peace

Will you stand, will you stand with me

-Forrest Blair